Miles Mlambo, Tegen Hitchins, Dodger Phillips, Rachel Heaton

Louise Schweitzer, The Argus

“brilliantly inventive drama”

“funny, poignant”

Read the Argus review here



Josie Melia, Fringe Review

“Highly Recommended”

“The full house audience loved this sharply directed production”

“All the fun of an affair and a little of the responsibility too, as the actors don’t so much break the fourth wall as draw us through…”

Read the Fringe Review here



Corinne Sullivan, Broadway Baby

“A startling and original portrayal

of the fallibility of relationships in a technological age”

 “a beautifully acted piece of theatre”

“a heart-wrenching climax”

Read the Broadway Baby review here


Miles Mlambo, Tegen Hitchins


We Love Brighton

“…a moving, gripping and well acted piece of theatre, with refreshing direction by Sandie Armstrong and a great script by David Greig”

“(the) emotional finale… will have you by the heart strings”

Read the We Love Brighton review here

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