Theatre Stramash

Are You Ready To Get Stramashed?

stramash (strə’mæʃ): 1.n an uproar 2.vb to destroy, smash

Stramash are a Brighton based collaborative brought together by Scottish actor and director Sandie Armstrong. Stramash tell the raw and touching human stories of our age. We synergise the creative disciplines of theatre, soundscaping and the visual arts to stimulate and captivate audiences in a rare way. Stramash push the boundaries of what it means to engage with a theatrical experience. Focusing on contemporary writing from innovative UK voices that probe the soul to reveal everything from the vulnerable to the vulgar, quiet to the riot and the unseen to the inescapable.

Theatre Stramash staged the World Premiere of Brewers Fayre by David Greig at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2014. This, our debut production, was a multimedia, interactive theatre event which enjoyed full houses and critical acclaim.

Brave and unabashed, we welcome you to Theatre Stramash.

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